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Mama I'm Waiting For You In JannahMama I'm Waiting For You In Jannah
Muhammad Alshareef
The loss of a baby is an unthinkable trial, yet an undeniable truth. At the blow of first shock, the mother is struck with a tidal wave of questions, thoughts, and emotions that none can understand except her Lord. Her world shrinks, her heart hurts, and all matters suddenly become trivial. With such a whirlpool of emotions, what is the single most crucial lifesaver to pull a mother out from an ocean of sadness? . . . keep reading

The Fasting and the FuriousThe Fasting and the Furious
Muhammad Alshareef
In this audio, Muhammad Alshareef discusses how to overcome the motivation dip in the middle of Ramadan. Ramadan is like a 3-lap NASCAR race that most kick off with a well-oiled and fuelled machine only to discover it needs maintenance by the time it hits Lap 2.Because they haven't prepared for the middle slack before they rev again into the last 10 days of Ramadan, they've suffered a major loss in being the foremost in 'ibaadah. . . . keep reading

Marriage MasteryMarriage Mastery
Muhammad Alshareef & Heba Alshareef
In this charter call, Muhammad Alshareef answers your questions on how to master your marriaage. Later, DiscoverULife Coach Heba Alshareef joins in to discuss the wife's role in marriage mastery... . . . keep reading

How to Maintain Memorized Quran ~ 4 Post-Ramadan Quran Routes to ConsiderHow to Maintain Memorized Quran ~ 4 Post-Ramadan Quran Routes to Consider
Muhammad Alshareef
Ramadan is the month of Quran. Many start the month off with lofty Quran reading and memorization goals, and many hit what they intended DURING Ramadan. Maintaining consistency after Ramadan, however, is an entirely different story. . . . keep reading

Where the River Meets the Sea: Lessons in Marriage Mastery for the Muslim WomanWhere the River Meets the Sea: Lessons in Marriage Mastery for the Muslim Woman
Heba Alshareef
The Nile River is generally regarded as the longest in the world. It has been valued since the beginning of time. Through it, an ancient civilization was born. In it, traveled a young baby alone in a basket, who would later grow to be an honored prophet of Allah SWT. . . . keep reading

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"The lifting of the burden of stress has been amazing! I feel a difference in the way I walk and in my level of energy throughout the day. "
Umm Tarek
Windsor, ON

"When I look back at my life to the beginning of this year, I would have laughed if you had told me what I was going to achieve this year; as my life was going nowhere, fast. Now I believe in myself again!"
Amal S.

"My wife and I are now fully energized and committed to go on with our vision to unleash the potential of Muslims in our part of the world!

"At DiscoverU, your dreams are reawakened and they are no longer belittled. Your dreams are nurtured with inspiration, sound Islamic principles, the best tools and techniques."
Saba M.
Montreal, QC

"Alhamduillah you offer solution after solution. I mean really, solutions you can walk away implementing immediately."

"If I don't like how I'm feeling and where I'm at, I now ask how can I change it? I'm learning to break self-destructive habits, alhamdulilah."

"I've found all the tools I need to set my goals and plan to achieve them. In 3 months, I've accomplished more than in the previous 3 years."
D. E.

"I feel that in sha Allah, I will be able to continue to implement this in my life on a daily basis...because they teach discipline, not for a few days, but for ever, alhamdulillah."
A DL Member

"If I don't like how I'm feeling and where I'm at, I now ask how can I change it? I'm learning to break self-destructive habits, alhamdulilah."